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So which are the biggest nba fashion style brands in 2019?

If you are a loyal NBA fan, you’ve probably noticed that the NBA has grown into a runway, especially during the 2018. From American supermodel Kendal Jenner being banned from the NBA games to brands featuring official team logos on new clothing & shoes collections (Timberland x Mitchel and Ness this month), the tunnel has slowly transformed into a fashion laboratory, as streetwear encroaches further on traditional fashion. And we can clearly see why: In the age of enormous social media growth, streetwear brands are catching each and every opportunity for a bigger (read massive) engagement, trying to bring the underground culture on another level.. However, most brands have fast become a mainstream (especially in entertainment), while others have just recently been discovered by the NBA players.

That’s why, influenced by the NBA fashion today, we decided to list the ultimate 4 streetwear brands worn by players itself. Our list includes 6 top streetwear brands, featuring 90’s skate brand Supreme, Fear of God, the Japanese alpha Bape and of course Off-White.


The NO.1 raising streetwear hype brand shouldn’t come as a surprise here. However, they’ve managed to find their way onto the hardwood this year with their shooting sleeves. JR Smith and Kelly Oubre both rocked the “Supreme” sleeve, but both players were asked to remove the gear during timeouts. As Oubre saying”It’s just something wavy, honestly. I don’t know if it’s too wavy for them, but honestly I had fun.”

Kelly-Oubre-Supreme-NBA-streetwear-fashionPhoto credit: Sole Collector


A graphic favourite and heavyweight of streetwear, Bape is beloved amongst NBA players. In the photo below, we can see Caramelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis rocking a signature Bape hoodie.

bape_Caramelo Anthony _Kristaps Porzingis_streetwear-nba-players-fashion-hoodies-forstep-style
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Among Ben Simons being on fashion spotlight these days, John Wall is here as well. He seems to have no issues spending his $207 million dollar max contract signed this off-season. We can see John Wall here wearing a Fear of God Denim jacket that retails for $1,700.

Photo credit: Clutch points


Founded by the American creative designer Virgil Abloh, Off White has become the fastest growing (Italian) high end streetwear brand specialised in men’s and women’s street lifestyle clothing. As the popular NBA player, Ben Simons told: It’s one of those kicks you can wear casually and you can also dress it up. There are different varieties, colours and that’s one shoe that I wear a lot. Depending on what I’m doing, I can always usually put it on with anything.

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Well, we started adding these “Off White x Air Jordan 1” kicks to our wish list, do you?