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The Street Style Star Who Starts the Trends Everyone Else Copies

Street style star Gilda Ambrosio is known for her brave styling choices, and even though her more-is-more fashion week outfits may seem a world away from our own wardrobes she was the first to wear a lot of the trends we now see in Zara. Take the kimono — Gilda was one of the first to wear silky robes and wrap dresses over jeans, sparking one of the biggest trends of 2017. The Italian It Girl founded the brand Attico in 2016 with fellow street style star Giorgia Tornini, but a handful of seasons later they are already power players in the industry, hugely influencing how we dress. This season you’ll see drawstring pouch handbags, an Attico signature, all over the high street and we have lost count of the number of Attico-style kimonos we’ve seen in Zara. Keep scrolling to see Gilda Ambrosio’s best looks and shop her key accessories.

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