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The French fashion brand Dior released the extremely limited Air Jordan 1  at a very heavy price tag and thanks to Generation Z and millennial’s FOMO – three thousand pairs were completely sold out in just a few hours.

Why is Jordan 1 Dior so expensive?

According to WWD, more than five million sneakerheads subscribed for a chance to win a pair of Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1 OG Shoes, even only 8,000 pairs were actually made for sale.

These mega popular sneakers were released on June 25th, 2020 and according to WWD, more than five million bidders subscribed for a chance to win a pair of Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1 OG Shoes at that price (even only 8,000 pairs were made in total) Available at a specific dedicated Dior website where anyone could enter for a chance to buy, eather the high top or the low version of the sneaker. However, only three thousand pairs were available for a sale, because the other five thousand were reserved for Dior’s high-top clients, such as Kylie Jenner. Only few hours later, registration has been closed and sale was over.

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How much Dior Jordans cost?

Retiled for $2,200 USD, these sneakers are now on the secondary resell market, going high as $25,000 US and low with its price. Featuring a grey and white upper with ‘’Air Dior’’ branding on the tongues and above the wing’s logo, these wolf grey and dust white shoes were are perfect balance between classic Nike Air Jordans 1s style and high street luxury fashion that represents Dior.

Having status as the most popular sneakers in 2020, these shoes will definitely continue rising in popularity in 2021, too!