streetwear trends for man and women

Oh, we love it when items of clothing last. And we don’t just mean in terms of clothing trends, although that is helpful, but durability too. A pair of cargo trousers can be repeatedly worn multiple seasons. They’re comfy, not too tight and go with everything from timbs to vans for buys & crop tops and high heels for girls.

This season, our selection of the best, yet so affordable streetwear stores often combines current high-street trends with affordable fashion, so whenever you buy something from these stores on marketplace, we think you’re getting more for your money. That’s why below we’ve created an edit of the coolest urban clothing brands – selling hip hop clothing at affordable prices here at Forstep Style.

Keep scrolling to see the best pieces we love, and we thing you will love them, too!


Originally worn by the British Armed Forces in 1938, cargo pants were characterized by extra large utility pockets on the outer thigh. The aughts came and went, but cargo pockets remained a constant in workwear, like they have been for the past century. Now, once again, Cargo Pockets Are the Most Inevitable Trend of 2019 that continues booming in 2020 and we believe it’s because wearing them will make you look nonchalantly cool rather than Instagram try-hard.

beige cargo joggers
$58.99 + free delivery
black cargo trousers
$59.99 + free delivery!
tie dye joggers
$49.00 + Free Delivery!

So how to style joggers in 2020? If you a girl, see how Hailey Bieber crushed this trend in 2019!


THE Oversized hip hop baggy jeans are coming back from the ’90s! For women, baggy jeans look great in cropped or culotte cuts, as well as with a flattering high rise waist. For men, loose fit hip hop baggy jeans are the ultimate denim trend that is dominating the hip hop and streetwear culture and we see why.


Tactical vests are definitely having a moment in the hip-hop streetwear culture. You can wear vest above anything, from loose fit tees to patchwork hoodies and short. Here is some style inspiration of how to style a tactical vest.

streetwear tactical vest
$39.68 + free delivery!

tactical vest fashion


The resurgence of every tourist’s favourite fashion accessory has been spotted everywhere in 2020, and we can’t get enough of them, too! Whether you call it the waist bag, PVC fanny pack or belt bag, this is how to style them!

male fanny pack
$29.99 + Free Delivery!
streetwear waist bag
$39.00 + Free Delivery


Every man’s favorite style piece. We buy them in bulk, often from the same brand and don’t think about replacing them until they start falling apart. But we have choosed some fresh & bold tees you can wear and repeat, too!

space tshirt
$36.00 + Free Delivery!
red and blue tshirt
$42.00 + Free Delivery!
tomato tshirt
$24.55 + Free Delivery!
hip hop tshirt
$30.00 + Free Delivery!


boys cargo shorts
$36.86 + Free Delivery!
cargo shorts mens
$44.00 + Free Delivery!
tie dye shorts
$39.99 + Free Delivery!


Vans look best when worn with casual styles. Basically, any model by Vans is a cult piece of a shoe art. Yes, the classics black & white Vans Old Skool model may be the default sneaker of choice for everyone but lets give these limited edition Vans a chance! Pair Vans low top sneakers with a unique casual outfit. When wearing Vans, choose between wearing no socks, neutral socks or bold socks to suit your style.

$89.57 + Free Delivery!
vans pride
$76.99 + Free Delivery!
vans x nasa
vans space voyager