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Yes, it’s that time of the year and we are all super exited (besides being broke) and already started feeling the shopping extravaganza, especially if you are kind of an active Pinterest fan these days. But after all, bills are forever and our favourite “holiday and gift ideas” spirit rolls around only once a year. Yes, we still talking about Thanksgiving, Christmas and the all out shopping extravaganza when all the nations become one in search of a seriously MAJOR holiday and Christmas ideas for the women in our lives.

So, take the stress out of shopping and let Forstep Style editors find an amazing clothing gift, for the women in your life. Whether she loves cats, vegan stuff, handmade or stylish street inspired pieces. we got it all on the list: These 15 featured shoes, bags, wallets, jeans, coats and skirts will have her channelling her inner Hailey Bieber, and you cannot go wrong with the best fashion gifts of all. 

  1. – 79.99 + FREE SHIPPING


3. Handcrafted Luxury Designer Sunglasses$119 + FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING 

4, Black High Waist Pencil Skirt24.79 + FREE SHIPPING

5.  100% Cruelty Free Organic Backpack$92.00

6. 100% Vegan Organic Wallet With Elephants36.44

7. Puma Fierce Black Sneakers$117.00

8. Teddy Bear Women Beige Coat$39,99 + FREE SHIPPING

9. The Baldwin Cross Side Black Bag$71.00

10. High Waist Chick Jeans29.99 + FREE SHIPPING

11. Cat Necklace$49 + FREE SHIPPING Best gift ever for cat lovers

12. Nude Cross Leather Bag $69.00

13. Women Office Style Plaid Blazer$31.99 + FREE SHIPPING

14. Front Zipper Plaid Skirt26.99 + FREE SHIPPING

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